Early Spring Cover.jpg

Early Spring

by Cancellieri (Ryan Hutchens)

"Early Spring" is the first release by Ryan Hutchens created under the "Cancellieri" name.  It was released on September 6, 2011 through the Post Echo record label in Columbia South Carolina.  The "Early Spring" EP was recorded over the course of a week at a recording studio in Atlanta Georgia.

With the "Early Spring" EP, Ryan sought to create a complete and final expression of various songs he had been constructing over the past several years.  "Early Spring" consists of mostly synth instrumentation and real world audio samples recorded onto the apple program, Garage Band, and then given final shape and additional instrumentation in the studio.

Roark Bailey acted as producer and recording engineer.   Roark had a large role to play in shaping the overall sound of the EP because this was Ryan's first attempt at creating a 'final' product.

You can stream and download this album here: https://cancellieri.bandcamp.com/album/early-spring-ep