Bad Hands

by Cancellieri (Ryan Hutchens)

"Bad Hands" is the second EP by Ryan Hutchens created under the "Cancellieri" name.  It was released on May 22, 2012 through the Post Echo record label in Columbia South Carolina.  The "Bad Hands" EP was recorded over several days in the spring of 2012 at the homes of Alex Davis in Columbia SC and Noah Brock in West Columbia SC.

With the "Bad Hands" EP, Ryan sought to move further away from the electronic soundscape roots of the Cancellieri project in favor of more traditional american songwriting and instrumentation.  The EP is built around piano arrangements.  At the time he was writing the songs for "Bad Hands", Ryan was performing regularly as a solo acoustic singer songwriter at small venues around Columbia and on street corners around the US.  

Alex Davis, of Columbia SC, acted as producer and recording engineer on the EP.  Noah Brock recorded the song "Oregon" on to tape at his home in West Columbia SC.  "Oregon" was recorded in one take with a full band consisting of Walter Gerald performing keys, Eric Jones performing drums, and Ryan Hutchens performing keys and vocals.

You can listen to and download "Bad Hands" here: